Welcome to my media blog, where you will find all the work I have done for my media A Level. I am Harry Kettenis (0390). On the right side of the blog you will find labels that can be used to navigate through my blog, please ignore the "AS Work" label. I am working in a group with Ysabel Hudson-Searle (0331), Matthew Romo (1660) and Josh Stevenson (0796).


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Friday, 17 October 2014



We took inspiration from a number of websites. We liked the design of The Weeknd's website as it had simplistic black and white theme with simple tabs for each page and a header with the artist's name; creating a strong brand.

Although we haven't got a lot of content for our website yet, I began working on it and created the general layout. I decided that a black and white theme would suit our artist best, with the only real colour coming from the photos of our artist (that will come after the promo shots are taken). Also, the artist logo is clearly shown at the very top of the website, on every page. This gives it a clear identity.
Following the ideas that I came up with, Josh created a flat plan for each page with what they would contain. He kept this original theme consistent throughout.

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