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Friday, 3 October 2014


As a group, we researched potential gaps in the music market, and found a movement towards alternative music, in particular, alternative R&B.

Primary Audience

We decided that our primary audience would be quite wide, as to not discriminate against any ages or genders in order to reduce our audience and, subsequently appeal to less people. We found, during our group meetings that due to the many elements and sub genres that PBR&B consists of, as shown to the right, PBR&B appeals to a wide range of music consumers as it has elements for everyone.

For example, hip-hop fans, such as myself, may find themselves attracted to the genre due to the production and beat of PBR&B tracks. Furthermore, soul fans may connect more with the soulful vocals of many PBR&B artist.

Secondary Audience

Again, shown through our meeting notes to the right, we identified a secondary audience. This audience consisted of males and females between 16 and their late 20s.

I found through my initial research (shown in a previous post) that older music consumers have already established their preferences and tastes in music, with preferred artists and genres. Therefore, as a group, we decided that it would be easier to appeal to younger audiences as they would be more open to a new sound.

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