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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Production Meetings - Research & Planning

Our group have meetings scheduled twice a week, after school, for around 2 hours per meeting. We always have a set agenda for each meeting, which is established and communicated prior to the meeting on our Whatsapp group chat or Facebook group. During the meeting we normally sit around a table, using iPads and more traditional, large sheets of paper to gather our ideas. These meetings mean we have set time together during which we can focus solely on our project.

Throughout the research and planning period we used these meetings to establish the audience, record label, track and artist.

We began with audience, where we identified the various sub genres that contribute towards the PBR&B genre and who they would appeal to, as shown in the image to the right. Following this, we set our primary audience and what, exactly would attract them.

Shown above, is evidence from another group meeting we had, where we established or record label. During this meeting I came up with a possible name and logo for our label, before pitching it to the group. Following this, as a group, we took the logo and name and fine tuned it the rough idea into a real record label. As you can see in the photo above, there is a transition, from left to right, where I began drawing rough ideas, before playing with the ideas, and, eventually, coming to the final design on the right. 

In addition to our group meetings, we also communicate through social media. We use a Whatsapp group chat and a Facebook group where we are able to:
  • Arrange meetings
  • Set agenda for meetings
  • Bounce ideas off each other

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