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Tuesday, 14 October 2014


As we progressed as a group, and our ideas moved forward we produced an animatic. This is a step forward from the steal-o-matic as it meant we narrowed down all the ideas and references that were used in our steal-o-matic into definite shots that would be included in our music video.

As shown in the animatic there are a number of themes that run throughout the video. For example, there is a loose narrative featured in the video, of a seemingly perfect relationship which, as we see it develop, becomes progressively worse and worse, with more arguments. This is shown through a montage of memories from the relationship.

We also see a theme for fire and ice throughout, starting from the opening shot. The melting ice and fire, and burning of a rose shows the collapse of Roza's past relationship.

After reviewing our animatic we found that there was a lack of structure to the performance of the video as there was no real performance bed. Also the narrative was all too sudden and, again, lacked a real structure. In addition to this, the identity of our artist was lacking, and this would have to be portrayed strongly since this was a debut video and album.

Following this, we ammended these mistakes and created a revised animatic.

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