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Friday, 3 October 2014


One thing that all members of our group immediately noticed was the fact that the PBR&B genre is dominated by males such as The Weeknd and Frank Ocean. For this reason, we decided that we should make our artist a female as there was a gap in the market, within the genre, for this type of artist. I also felt that this worked to the group's strengths as Yssy would be perfect for the role; this also strongly influenced our decision.

One thing we found, upon further research into the genre, was that males tend to have more of a Hip-Hop feel, whereas females within the genre have much more soulful vocals.


Once we had this pinned down we came to a slight stand still, as cementing the details of the artist such as name and identity was a very difficult tasks. Immediately I knew that the name would have to be a single word, and something short and easy to pronounce identify. After going round in circles for a while we eventually came up with a name for our artist: Roza. This short, punchy name would remain in the minds of our audience.


When deciding on an artist image we took inspiration from other artists such as Jhene Aiko, Cassie and FKA Twigz, who fall under the PBR&B genre and the general R&B genre. We made some costume decisions:
  • Our artist would mostly wear black and white clothing.
  • For the shoot photos we would have a range of outfits from dresses and a more formal image, to some more urban styles, as shown above.
  • We also decided that our artist would dress in a slightly revealing way, however, not over sexualised.

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