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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Shoot day: 3/11/14

This was our first shoot day in the studio and for this reason we were very ambitious with what we planned to get done. The focus of our shoot on this day was performance shots.

We began with our silhouette performance shots where Roza interacts with a shadow behind a sheet. Josh played this shadow and did a great job. It took us a while to get this shot set up as we had to first set up the sheet that Josh would stand behind and then get the lighting set up perfectly so that Yssy's features were clearly visible whilst not drowning out the shadow. This was done using turret lights from behind to cast a shadow and studio lights from the side to light Yssy.

These shots came out very well. The interaction between Roza and the shadow, as well as the contrast created by the dark silhouette were really effective. Despite these shots not being the brightest and most energetic shots taken, they were very artistic and powerful in this manner.

This was followed by our fire projection performance shots. While Matt and Yssy were in their lessons, Josh and I got this shot set up with the projector and camera in the correct positions. This shot was very different from the previous, subdued shot due to its energetic and, almost playful nature.

When shooting this, Josh and I both had a go at filming. We did, however, encounter some problems here. With nothing to stabilise the camera whilst moving, the footage became shaky and unclear. 

In addition to this, our choice in camera affected the shots. The Canon Legria HFG30 was unable to pick up the vibrant reds, oranges and yellows in the fire, making for a very dull and not at all aesthetically pleasing shot.

For these reasons, we decided to reshoot at a later date, using a dolly to stabilise the camera while moving and a Canon 5D that would be able to pick up the colours much more effectively.

Following these shots we were out of time and had to leave the studio. As a group we knew we had been too ambitious with the amount of footage we felt we could get through and underestimated how long it would take. We did, however, learn from this and amend our shoot schedules for our following shoots.

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