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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Editing Publicity Shots

First we used the quick selection tool to highlight Yssy and remove her from the off white background. This caused problems around her hair, since it was so curly and spread out, the gaps in between and highlights on the edges of the hair were not picked up.

We then used the refine edge tool to create a natural looking end to the hair that we cut off as it was sticking out.

We then placed the image on a pure white background.

 After this, we adjusted the contrast and lighting in order to make Yssy stand out more. This was because she faded into the background too much before this.

We altered the colouring in order to make Yssy's skin tone look more natural and full.

Once the skin tone was correct, we used the spot heal tool to remove any imperfections and blemishes. This created a single, smooth skin tone.

In this specific shot, we wanted to highlight the rose and make it brighter, so we used the quick selection tool to select the rose and change the colour, making it a deeper red.

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