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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Shoot day: 29/10/14

On our second shoot day we captured the remainder of our narrative shots (bar the club scenes that required the use of the studio). We also shot one of our main concept shots, the fire poi, done. These shots were all taken at my house as we thought it would be ideal for the narrative of a young couple living together.


Since I was acting in the narrative shots I had little ability to direct so Josh and Matt took this responsibility. However, I was able to alter framing and lighting of the shots while my group member stood in for me so I could see how it looked.

We began with the cooking shots. We did these in the morning so we were able to use the natural light which shone through the glass roof above us. This light was aided by our lighting kit. Also since minimal makeup was worn in these shots we decided it would be easier to start with them then apply makeup for the shots later on as opposed to having to remove it.

This was followed by shots taken in the bedroom. We had two shots here, both with similar setups. We used camera angles and costume here to create a distinct difference between the two scenes. This would ensure that the audience would not be confused and get the two mixed up as they watch the short and quick shots. The two shots taken her were both arguments over very different situations. I am happy with these shots as they were both very convincing and the camera movement in the second argument worked well with the high intensity.

Our last narrative shot of the day was the climactic argument at the end of the video where the boyfriend storms out of the house following a very heated argument, leaving Roza behind. The actors in this shot moved down the stairs, into the hall, then out of the front door in my case.

I am happy with the shots captured on this day as they really reflected the dynamic of the relationship, as well as the way it changes for the worse through the video. Also, i feel that the chemistry displayed between the actors created the feel of a very natural and real relationship.


Following our narrative shots we moved onto the fire poi shots, one of our main concept shots. We did this at the end of the day in my garden as we required darkness to highlight the flames. For this shot we used someone we knew an expert in the art. While we were shooting the final narrative shots, Matt picked her up so that we could start straight away.

For this shot to work we used a portable speaker and played the song out of here so that Olivia (who did the fire poi) was able to hear it and keep her movements in time with the music. 

This scene carried the greatest health risk of all of our shots for obvious reasons. For this reason we ensured we had a powerful hose and a bucket full of water nearby at all times.

Olivia was excellent and grasped the mood of the music well and adjusted her moves accordingly. Due to this, as well as the size of my garden and the high bushes and trees on the edges, this shot looked very professional.

We also shot our time lapse during this day. In between shots, Josh and I set up a GoPro to capture it. We got our timing perfect to capture the sun set as this period of the day would show the greatest change in the shortest time.

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