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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Shoot day: 19/11/14

Another very short shoot day; this one was used mainly for promo shots; something that had been neglected up to this point.


Before we began taking promo shot we shot what was arguably our most important performance shot, since this would be the one that we would keep returning to throughout. For this reason it had to be perfect.

This was our wet look close up. Josh, Matt and I began getting the lighting and camera set up while Yssy got ready for the shoot. For this she had to apply a wet look to her makeup, which was hard to do without making he face look greasy or have too much makeup on. In addition to this her hair needed to look wet, so we constantly had to spray her hair with water in between takes to keep this look consistent.

We also used a large monitor to review the shot after every take so that we could notice any imperfections or mistakes and amend them in the following take. Being our main shot, it was vital that everything was perfect.

Promo Shots

Once we were happy with the footage for the water close up, we moved on to promo shots for the website and album cover. We spent the rest of the afternoon on this. Josh naturally found himself very comfortable behind the camera and took the majority of the photos. Matt and I were mostly in charge of lighting and I also helped Josh with some directions for Yssy as well as costume. I also spent some time taking photos.

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