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Saturday, 20 December 2014


Shown below is our music video with and without grading. This shows how each shot was modified and improved to make it look more aesthetically pleasing and more natural.


Fire projection

The fire projection shot was meant to be very bright and vibrant, but since the sole lighting source was the projector it was a bit dark, For this reason we increased the brightness of the shot. However, we could not increase it too much as the shot would become too white. 

This shot was very bright to begin with since Yssy was so close to the projector. For this reason, we had to reduce the brightness to keep it consistent with the long shots.


After Effects was used here due to the different shades in this shot. We wanted to make the shot brighter witout affecting the black shadow in the background.

Wet Look

In the wet look shots, the colours were very dull and grey. We increased brightness and contrast in order to make Yssy look much more natural.


The contrasting colours of the rose shots were picked up very well so not a lot needed to be done as we did not want to lose this contrast. We just adjusted the saturation to give Yssy a less orange and more natural looking skin tone.


We applied a sepia looking colour to the narrative shots and added a vignette to them. This was done in order to make it clear to the audience that all of the shots with this look were part of the narrative and were flashbacks to the past.

Due to the lack of lighting in this shot, there was a lot of grain present. For this, we exported the shot to after effects in order to remove the grain.


The changes made to the club shots were very minimal, since we worked hard to get the exact kind of lighting that would be found in a club, and wanted to keep this effect. We did, however give them a more purple colour.



On this shot we removed the colour and made the shots black and white in order to remove the identity from the dancer but still remain as a personality. For this reason we kept some of her features in the shot.


Again, here we decided to remove the identity of the character by making the shot a greyscale colour.

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