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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Shoot day: 22/11/14

Again, since we were coming to the end of shooting we used this shoot to tie up loose ends and focus on getting footage reshot.


We had one more performance shot remaining, the more aggressive one of Roza lipsyncing whilst holding, playing with, and throwing roses onto the ground. The contrast of the harsh black, bright blue and bright red made for a very nice looking shot. Also, the aggression shown by Yssy here really contrasted with the other more subdued shots.

We were all happy with these shots fairly quickly, and we even captured some filler shots without the lipsync to include in the video. This was possible due to the emotion shown by Yssy even without singing.

Performance Reshoots

Next we reshot the fire projection performance shots with the improved Canon 5D. The difference was immediately visible as the colours of the fire were much brighter and more vibrant and Yssy did not look at all drowned out. We also used a dolly this time, to keep the movement smooth.

These factors all made huge improvements and Josh, Matt and I directed Yssy and took turns recording, meaning that we had a variety of camera movements since we all had different ideas.

One issue faced was that we could not place the camera in front of the projector as it would obviously block off the image so we had to ensure that when we were moving the camera we remained behind the projector. Also, when recording the close ups we had to find the closest possible position, above the projector, to be able to record.

These new shots added a sense of life to the previously dull shots and the whole group were very happy with them.

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