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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Shoot day: 11/11/14

In terms of organisation this was our hardest shoot day since we had so many external actors and a dancer coming in for the scenes. For this reason, all of our shots took place after school hours so that people were available for the shots we needed them for. 


This shoot day started with the club scenes. Josh and I arrived early as we had no lessons and began setting up the lights and props for the club scene so it would be ready as soon as everyone arrived.

Once everyone had arrived and hair and makeup was done we began shooting some miscellaneous club scenes of Roza and her boyfriend (Yssy and me) enjoying themselves as well as other people in the club dancing too.

Following this we shot our club argument scene where one of our actors, Esma, walked past the boyfriend in the club and his eyes followed here, sparking a reaction from Roza.

We agreed that the footage was good, however upon reviewing it after the shoot day we found that there were too many gaps in the background of the shot making the scene look empty. We also found that we needed a much more aggressive reaction from Roza, such as a slap, so that the audience could pick up on her anger in the short clips. This footage would be reshot on another day.


Following our club scenes we let everyone go and were joined by a professional dancer and actor, Tasha; who would be used for our silhouette dance shots. These shots were very simple for us as we sent Tasha the song 2 weeks in advance so she was able to choreograph a dance for it.

However, after a couple of takes I found that Tasha's dancing could be a bit more fluid as to fit better with the mood of the music during the slower parts. We communicated this to Tasha and we was able to, almost instantly, change her dance style and produce some great moves that worked perfectly with the song and video.

Once we were all happy with the dance shots we moved on to the drumming shots. Here we laid cling film into a drum kit and poured water onto it. Matt then played the drums and as he hit them water splashed up creating some great shots, especially the detailed close ups.

This shot was followed by our other shot involving a lot of water, for practicality reasons. This was Roza's hair flick. In this shot Yssy submerged her hair in water out of shot and then lifted her hair up and flicked it back as water shot off into the turret light at the back of the shot. This was one of our most stunning shots due to the lighting and the way the water fell.

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