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Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Our music video did not involve a huge amount of rehearsals as for a lot of the narrative and concept we wanted a natural feel, and acting that didn't seem too planned out. This added to the authenticity of the relationship. The main rehearsal time was spent practising certain, more difficult performance shots.

The main shots that needed to be practised were the fire performance shots and the silhouette performance shots.


Before we had access to the studio we rehearsed the fire shot, as we knew that, due to the fire projection, this would be one of the harder shots to film. Yssy was almost blinded by the bright projection shining in her eyes and was unable to perform to begin with. Also, with the whole shot being lit by the projector, we had to ensure there was enough light to be able to see Yssy.

The silhouette shots would also be also difficult to shoot since Yssy and Josh had to interact with each other without actually being able to see one another. For this reason, this shot required a lot of planning, practise and strict choreography before we could shoot. Shown below is the initial rehearsal where Josh stood in front of the sheet so he could see exactly how he needed to interact with Yssy.

Rehearsing kitchen scenes

Since we wanted to create a natural and unscripted relationship between Roza and her boyfriend, there was very little rehearsal time used for these shots. However, on shoot days, we did practise exactly how we would interact before shooting so our natural interaction was still framed well and looked good on camera.

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