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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Call Sheets & Shootboards

28th & 29th October

We were due to begin shooting in the studio on 3rd November so we decided to use 2 days in half term before this in order to get most of our location shots done. This has helped us later on in the process. This also meant that we would have plenty of time to reshoot any of these shots.

We decided to shoot all the Central London shots on one day and on the following day shoot the Narrative shots at my house, since we would be in fewer locations on each day.

3rd November

On our first studio-based shoot day our aim was to shoot our main performance shots and some of our concept shots.

10th November
On this shoot day we didn't have much time so wanted to get another one of our performance shots done.

11th November

On this shoot day we had access to the studio after school hours and late into the evening. For this reason we decided to shoot our club scene, which involved a lot of extras, here. We got these shots done early so that the extras could get home quickly and would not be standing around all evening.


19th November

We spent the majority of this shoot day taking promo shots but also had another performance shot to take.

22nd November

We had the majority of our shots by this point but we decided that some should be reshot. We spend the morning of the 22nd November taking promo shots and reshot some performance shots later on in the day.

24th November

Again, we knew we had scenes that still needed to be reshot so focussed on these, as well as more promo shots, on our final shoot day.

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