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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Production Meetings - Research & Planning 2

Once we knew enough about our artist and completed the animatic, we decided it was time to begin bringing these ideas to life. In our remaining research and planning production meetings we delegated the tasks that we would have ahead of us so that each person could get on with a part of the project. We got ideas and fed back to each other on what we had come up with.

I was in charge of:
  • Planning the lighting set-ups
  • Initial ideas for the website
  • Initial ideas for the album cover

Josh was in charge of:

  • Organising Props
  • Making Shootboards and Call Sheets
  • Making flat plan for website
  • Making flat plan for album cover

Yssy was in charge of:
  • Initial ideas for the website
  • Initial ideas for the album cover
  • Planning the publicity shots
  • Making plans for costuming and make-up
Unfortunately, Matt was out of school during this period so was unable to attend to a number of these meetings. However, we were able to feedback to him what we had come up with and, once he had been briefed, he was given the task of continuing work on the website.

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