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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Costume, Hair & Make-Up

Make-up and costume were vital for creating the correct look for our artist, establishing her identity and genre. We wanted to go for an urban and sexy (yet not sexualised) PBR&B artist. We used specific hair and makeup to achieve this.


We were able to talk to a professional make-up artist about the look we wanted to create. Despite not being able to have her present during the shoots we learnt and discussed what would best suit or artist and how this could be achieved.


For the narrative we wanted to create a clear separation from the performance part of the video and create a real life feel. For this reason we used very natural make-up for the shots that we took of the couple at home, and more dressy make up for the shots when Roza was going out.

We also had a range of costumes to further establish the situation that Roza and her boyfriend were in at the time and her real life identity.

As shown the above from the various narrative shots, the top left one is a very casual shot and this was established through the use of narrative loungewear and very natural hair and make-up for both characters. The bottom right image shows Roza about to go out. For this reason there is a massive contrast in the dressy make up and attire that Roza is wearing. This allows the audience to immediately understand the situation Roza and her boyfriend are in in the short, fast narrative shots.


Our main performance shot was a close up of Roza with a wet look to it. For this shot we took inspiration from Beyonce in "If I Were A Boy." We really liked the wet look that can be seen on Beyonce's hair and make up and emulated this. This, paired with a simple white background and natural lighting created a strong shot that we could return to throughout the video.

The makeup in our fire shots was much bolder for a number of reasons. Firstly this is a very colourful shot and with a lot of moving light a natural make up look would end up being lost. Therefore we used bright lipstick and bold, black eye make up.

Roza also wore a white dress with black detailing in these shots. This meant that the fire projection would show up well on the white clothing.

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