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Friday, 5 September 2014

Me As a Music Consumer

Music is a huge part of my life, and I surround myself by it whenever I have the opportunity. I listen to music through many different sources and hardware, in a number of scenarios.

When I am at home, in the evenings I listen using Spotify or Youtube on my iPad, through high quality speakers. I enjoy this, as the quality of the speakers allows me to immerse myself in the music and these apps give me a huge database of songs to listen to, so there are no limits.

I also listen to music through headphones, as a means of entertaining myself when I am travelling, normally on foot or using public transport. This allows me to enjoy the journey and pass the time I spend travelling with ease. Being away from home, I listen through my phone.

For me, however, music is much more than just the songs I listen to. I like to know about the lives of the artists I listen to in order to further understand the context of their music. Furthermore, I follow the other art forms that go in synergy with the genres I listen to, such as the fashion trends that follow the artists and genres.

I also highly value the social aspect of music.

Important Songs

One track that meant a lot to me through my early teenage years was Kanye West - Gorgeous, due to the general flow and instrumental of the song. This song was constantly playing on my iPod for a long period.

This is one song that means a lot to me today, mostly due to the high energy instrumental of the song.

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