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Thursday, 11 September 2014


I carried out a survey to find out more detail about the trends of different types of people regarding what music they consume and how they consume it.

I asked a 17 year old male, whose preference was towards hip hop and rap music. His favourite artists are Schoolboy Q, Joey Badass and Ab-Soul; all fairly recent artists who fall under this category. Finally, his music consumption was mostly through streaming music on his smartphone using the Soundcloud app.

I also spoke to a 50 year old female who had very different habits. Her favourite genres were old school R&B and 80s soul. She had a preference towards much older artists than those chosen by the previous, much younger interviewee. Her favourite artists were Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, Barry White and Prince. She mostly listens to music on the radio in the car and at home. She also, sometimes, streams the music through her iPad.

This, therefore, shows how different generations have very different tastes and habits. It appears that younger music consumers prefer newer artists and their tastes are always changing as music changes. This is contrasted by older listeners, who prefer to listen to older artists that they have listened to for years, maybe as a means of reminiscing or keeping in touch with their roots.

Furthermore, the methods used to consume music are very different. Older listeners appear to prefer using more traditional methods such as radio, whereas the youth have preference towards the use of smartphones and the internet to stream music. Having said this, as technology develops and becomes easier to use, older users begin to use these methods.

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