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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Inspirations & What I Want to Make

Music Videos

One music video that I found particularly inspirational is the performance video for "Quintana" by Travis Scott. There are a number of reasons why I like the style of this video.

One thing I like is the dark shots filmed in HD in a studio. I like that they are shots taken of only the artist performing the song. This combined with the dark background, and the various costumes is very appealing to me and definitely something I would like to use and incorporate in my video.

These HD studio shots are used alongside what appear to be VHS shots on location. The contrast that this create brings further attention to both parts of the video.

*Please note: the video contains explicit content*

Another video I took a lot of inspiration from was that of "I'm Leanin'" by Meek Mill, again featuring Travis Scott. Below are some parts of the video and particular effects that I would like to recreate.

The use of UV lights and paints on a dark background in the video created a glow effect and brought detail to particular part of the costume and set. This effect is something that I will definitely use as it builds the theme and mood of the slightly disturbing performance video. 

Another effect in the video that I liked was the use of a filter in order to create a double image of what is shown on the screen, as shown below. This further adds to the disturbing nature of the video.

One thing done throughout music videos is a crossover of multiple transparent shots layered on top of each other. One example is shown below, where this element is used in a narrative video as a means of telling the story of the main character.


Kanye West in one artist who I find particularly influential for a number of reasons. Firstly, his artistic talent, combined with his arrogant attitude mean that he breaks stereotypes through his music, clothing and behaviour. This is something I look up to.


I like the layout of the website of The 1975 as there is no real set format. It does not separate the different art forms displayed by the band. This makes it seem like more of an artistic blog as opposed to a promotional website. However, this 'mishmash' is held together by the black and white theme.

Another website that I like is Kanye West's which is shown above. One thing that I am really attracted to is the minimalistic but also 'in your face' approach. As soon as you open the website a film begins to play immediately. Below this is information about his tour. This lack of information or real format is very striking and leaves a strong impression of the website and the artist himself.


Since joining with my group, we noticed that we all had very different ideas in terms of the genres that we wanted to explore, whilst still having similar ideas for the style of music video that we wanted to create.

For this reason, it is unlikely that I will be able to make a video for one of the tracks that I have named above and in my previous post. However, we have agreed to incorporate ideas from each member of the group, and settle somewhere in the middle.

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