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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Current Trends & Gaps in the Market

UK top 10 singles

Shown above is the top 10 tracks of the Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart. It is evident that there is a mix of genres and types of artist however there are also some trends. In the top 5 there is only one bang performance from 'The Script.' This is something that can be picked up on, as the key to finding a gap in the market may be to make a video for a band, as opposed to single performer.

One trend in the top 10 that can be picked up on is the large number of collaborations and features that have been successful. This may be because people want to see and hear their favourite artist working together on singles.

In terms of genre, there is a strong abundance of pop and dance singles in the top 10. This could potentially mean a gap in the market for other genres such as rap, rock or indie.

UK top 10 albums

In the top 10 album chart there is more of a mix of the types of artists present with both male and female singers and bands. There is a difference, however, in that there are not a lot of albums from DJs. this may be because they are more popular for their singles as opposed to albums.

Again, in terms of genres there are still a lot of pop, dance and even indie and acoustic albums present. This could, again, be evidence of a gap present for rap albums.

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