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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

2. What have you learnt from participating in each of the prelim tasks?

Audition Video

My audition video taught me a number of skills that i took to the actual video.

One skill was the confidence to perform in front of a camera without feeling embarrassed. This allowed me to give my all when performing during rehearsals and on the shoot day.

I also learnt how to lipsync, however, this skill was not needed for my specific role in the video but will be taken into next year.


Costume planning was a much more difficult and thought out process that I originally assumed it would be. I understand that it is necessary, not only to replicate the costume to that of the character in the real video, but also find a costume flattering and personal to the actor in order for them to feel comfortable on set but also be able to get into character and maximise the performance given.

It is also necessary to have a range of options on set so the actors can decide what is best for them. 

Furthermore, the act of gathering these costumes is also important, costumes will often be brought in or bought for the shoot but often actors will have to bring in or borrow costumes from anywhere they can. Below is Adam Hann, alongside my own recreation of his costume.


Practice with the choreographer

The rehearsals allowed me to get a preview of the way in which the shoot would be run, as well as allowing me to perfect my roles on set. This meant that on the shoot day I was able to get into character more quickly, giving the right level of performance. This was also helped by the fact that I had confidence that what I was doing was correct as this had been confirmed during rehearsals.


I gained a huge amount of indispensable information on the shoot day itself.

Firstly I learnt about the general running and organisation of a professional music video shoot, especially regarding working with a director. It was serious in that everybody was focused on carrying out their specific roles throughout the day, as well as strictly ensuring they were on time, however the manner in which these roles were carried out was casual and fun, allowing actors to feel comfortable and free in their roles.

Furthermore, I learnt about the various roles that crew have on set, such as lighting, playback, hair & makeup and choreography. This allowed me to understand how cast and crew work together throughout the shoot day.


The experience I gained while performing on the shoot day was also extremely important. Firstly I learnt how to act for a camera, as opposed to on stage as I have done in small part in the past. The style of acting is different and more natural but a skill that needed to be learnt.

I also learnt how to quickly get into character and give the right level of energy. For example, with my character I had to act as though I did not want to be on the set, providing little energy, while actually giving a lot.


The first thing i had to do, and the first thing I learnt when editing was matching up the lipsync with the track ensuring the timing was not off and therefore maximising the authenticity and professionalism of the video.

I also learnt how to grade in order to create bolder colours and more natural skin tones. For example, I used grading to enhance the bright, primary colours in the pool scenes. I also made the lead actor, Kayvon, less orange throughout the video, as he appeared this way due to the makeup and camera.

Kayvon's scenes aftergrading

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