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Thursday, 17 July 2014

1. Did you enjoy the workshop day? What were your best bits and why?

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop day in which we shot the video for a number of reasons.

One thing I enjoyed was the opportunity that I had to involve myself in, and learn about, every aspect of a video shoot through spending time with the crew in charge of lighting, playback and hair and makeup. This was all combined with the presence of a professional director throughout the day. These factors gave me a real experience of what goes on during a real music video shoot.

I also enjoyed the freedom we were given when not in the scenes being shot. This made the whole experience feel much less of an in-school lesson type activity and more like a real shoot. This also gave us the opportunity, as mentioned above, to explore and learn about the various sections that go on behind the scenes, as a lot of my free time was spent observing lighting up in the gallery.
Relaxing during free time
Lighting in the gallery

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