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Monday, 14 July 2014

4. How do you think your prelim experiences will impact on your approach to next term's music video coursework?


One vital skill i have learnt throughout this process is the ability to lipsync. This means that in future I can feel more confident in my ability to create a convincing and entertaining music video through my ability to lipsync effectively and the general confidence I have gained through performing in front of a camera.


In my future music video costume, as well as its organisation, will be hugely important. I know now that this must be prepared well in advance, spares and variety will need to be provided, I must find the necessary costumes by any means necessary, but most importantly, these costumes must be flattering and comfortable for the actors performing.

Actors in their costumes ready to perform

Nico working on lighting

During the shoot, my time in the gallery, watching the lighting be controlled was both interesting and enlightening. I now know how to create the exact levels of lighting, the colour combinations that I can create, and exactly where these lights come from.


It will be massively important in my next shoot, that I know well before the day exactly how each shot will be set up and whether this will be viable. I will also need to know exactly what props I need to use and exactly how, since finding out something is missing on the shoot day will be detrimental to the music video. 

Timing will also be vital. A strict shot list and schedule will need to be implemented in order to ensure every scene can be shot and shot well. Cast and crew will also need to understand this in order to remain on time for all calls.

Carrying this out will ensure the shoot runs smoothly.


I have also learnt a lot about editing a music video and how this is very different from editing a film, for example. Firstly the narrative often does not follow on at all and the continuity is much looser on a music video. It also, often cuts between setups. Furthermore I will, in future, also be able to grade effectively.

The video jumps between various setups

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