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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sweded Film

A sweded film is a film, normally around 4 minutes long, that is a remake of a popular film, made with a low budget and a camcorder. They are normally done with only one take per shot and there is little or no editing involved, they are almost purely camera work. For this reason, audio and credits are normally done in shot.

The term originated from the 2008 comedy "Be Kind Rewind" in which Jerry (Jack Black) destroys all of the films in his friend Mike's (Mos Def) video rental store. The pair must remake all of the films, and these low budget remakes become popular amongst customers. Customers are told that the films come from Sweden and this is the reason for the high rental cost and long waiting time. This is also the reason for the term Sweding.

Here are some examples of Swedes that I liked:

I really enjoyed this Swede as it had a very professional feel to it. The actors appeared to take it very seriously which added to the comedy. Also, they did well to use all of the resources around them.

This one had less of a professional feel to it, however this worked in its favour as it appeared as more of a sweded film than the Inception one. Also no sound was added in during editing so it made it a more genuine Sweded film.

One possible sweded film we could make is Scarface as there are a lot of famous scenes and lines in it and the action could work well.

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