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Monday, 14 October 2013

Dexter Title - Re-edit

Summarise the conventions of title sequences that were most important to this task.
The purpose of the title sequence is to tell the audience the cast and producers of the film and to credit everyone involved. This must be done by law.
Font is very important as it must reflect the genre of the show.

Colour is also important for the same reason.

The positioning of the credits is very important as it must not cover certain images on screen and should be placed in specific space.

How did your group plan to edit the title sequence?( consider timings, industry requirements etc).
We began by watching the title sequence and deciding which points would be best to use for credits and noted these down. We then chose our favourites and inserted our credits after deciding the names that would be involved. Finally we edited the fonts and colours and made them match the genre and style of the opening sequence.

Explain the creative decisions made by your group.
We had to chose a font that reflected the genre and themes of Dexter. He was a serial killer taking part in normal everyday activities. For this reason we chose a normal looking font with a sinister red look in places to highlight the sinister side of his life.

How does your re-edit compare to the original?
The original looked much more full and complete as they obviously had more time and more professional designers and software. However I feel that we did better in that our fonts only filled empty space whereas their credits did go over the important images which I feel did not look as good

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  1. Well done Harry. Your homework posts have all been presented to a high standard and you have shown good theoretical understanding in each task. My one point is to try to rely less on describing what we see to an analysis if how/why? You use technical terminology with accuracy so you should have the confidence in your writing. You are making very good progress, so please maintain this high standard of work and concentration.