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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Still Shots - Reflection

This is an over the shoulder shot. This type of shot was used in order for the audience to be able to see the scene from the point of view of the protagonist, who is in this case, a spy who is attempting to gain information from these two characters. The main focus is the secret exchange between the two characters. The genre I chose for this still frame was a crime thriller and I believe this represents it well due to the secretive behaviour of the two antagonists.

in order to achieve this effect I took the photograph from behind the actor in order to gain the over the shoulder effect. He also put his hood up in order to add to the mystery of who he is. By having the 2 actresses, who played the antagonists, so close together I was able to give the effect of them being secretive and not openly showing their shady behaviour.

This is quite clearly an over the shoulder shot and the positioning of the camera and the protagonist are accurate and display this kind of shot. Also the natural lighting  gives the effect of them being outdoors, which is a more likely setting for a scene like this. 

I would have changed the lighting to make the scene darker. This would make it appear as if this was at night, which would give this a more mysterious look and be more suited to the crime thriller genre. However this was not possible due to the time of day at which this was shot and the positioning. I would also have had a more stern or threatening look on the faces of the antagonists as to highlight their evil intentions.

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