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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Continuity - Killing Bono Opening Sequence

Immediately we see a shot of a car coming down a narrow street at night, which allows us to see the setting of the film and the area in which the opening sequence is set. Also the fact that the car is all we really see highlights its importance throughout the scene.

The car turns round a corner and the scene cuts to a master shot of a group of tall buildings behind the car. Again this master shot allows us to see the overall setting of the film which is a old and run-down looking town. Also, by the car, again, being the main focus of the shot the audience is forced to notice it. furthermore as the car goes round the corner and the shot changes there is a match on action.

We then see a close up of the hands of the driver on the steering wheel, before the shot cuts to another extreme close up of the driver's eyes in the mirror of the car. This slow reveal adds to the tension and suspense of who this character is and why he is so important, the fact that we do not yet see his who face also adds to this suspense.

Another pan of the car is shown, again highlighting its importance. This is followed by a number of cross cuts between the driver's face and the car itself. We know that these shots are happening simultaneously and this allows us to see that he is on a journey while he gives some sort of monologue.

One technique repeated throughout the scene is the 180 degree rule. throughout the scene all shots of the driver's face are either from in front of from his left side which creates a sense of continuity as it is clear that he is always facing and travelling in the same direction.

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