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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Opening Sequence - Casino Royale


This is one of the many extremely successful films in the Bond series. This film takes place at the beginning of Bond's career during which time he is only beginning to earn his "licence to kill."

The scene is immediately set with an extreme long shot of a building with the setting, Prague, shown to us in large letters. This immediately sets the scene for the audience as they know exactly where they are and the type of setting the opening scene takes place in. The clear night time also allows the audience to understand the sort of criminal or underground behaviour that is about to go on, as you would not normally be in a large office type establishment like this during the day.

We then see the antagonist appear with a stern look on his face. The shot is taken at a low angle, which gives the character an element of authority and makes us fear him and see him as a threat. However as he enters the lift inside the building we see him from a high angle, which is strange considering the low angle from which we just saw him. It is as if the power has been taken from him and he is about to face someone who will challenge his power and authority and become a real threat to him.

We soon find out that this is James Bond, the main protagonist of the film and series who we know is not beaten. We see the antagonist enter the room, thinking he is alone, before we see a closeup of his confused face as he notices a calm looking Bond who has been awaiting his arrival. This immediately shows us the character of Bond who is a cool, calm hero who does not become at all worried by the presence of this man.

We begin to see part of a flashback, which we soon find out is Bond's first kill, and the murdered man was a worker or acquaintance of our antagonist. Giving us an insight of what has previously gone on in Bond's career, as well as what might happen due to his previous actions. All this comes before he kills both antagonists in the flashback and real life.

This is a great effect and very typical of the action genre as it gives us a snippet of action and gunplay before we jump into the main film. This gets the audience in the mood for the film and allows them to begin to see what sorts of things the can come to expect over the course of this great action film.

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