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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

3. What Have You Learned From Your Audience Feedback?

Through various stages of the project we got audience feedback from members of our primary and secondary audience for all of our three artefacts. This way we were able to manufacture our products to the wants of the people that would potentially be buying them and buying into the Roza brand.

Below is the profile of a typical member of our primary and secondary audience. We established this early on and tailored our products to the needs of this group.

Appealing To Our Target Audience

When creating our products we needed to ensure that we were able to connect with our target audience, since they were the people who would be consuming them. For this, we used Bulmer and Katz's theory of uses gratifications. This theory states that audiences consume media texts for:

  • Personal relationships
  • Personal identity
  • Diversion
  • Surveillance
Personal Relationships

Fans use media texts in order to build emotional relationships with those that they follow. We used this in our own video, through Roza's directly addressing her fans. This is done through breaking the 4th wall and signing to the camera (and subsequently those watching the video).

Personal Identity

Audiences also use media texts as a means of developing their own identities, possibly through following trends set by their idols. This is done through music, by fans finding elements of themselves in the music video.

Throughout our products, we ensured that we build up a strong and obvious character for our artist and made sure that this character was kept consistent throughout. This allowed fans to emulate Roza's identity, and find elements of their own identities within hers.


Fans use media products for escapism from their daily lives. By being immersed in a music video, fans can escape from their real life problems for a brief period. For this reason we had to ensure that we were able to keep fans immersed, by using engaging and exciting imagery, a strong narrative and a high quality music video.

The website also needed to keep fans hooked once they were finished with the video, so the synergy and interactivity, as mentioned in question 2, were vital.


Fans want to learn about, and follow the lives of their idols. This is very possible with the proliferation of web 2.0 as fans can log onto our artist website at any time and follow her activities. For this reason we ensure there were a number of learning opportunities for fans to follow Roza's life and achievements, as well as the release of the album.

Audience Feedback - Construction

It is vital to get feedback from the people who will be consuming the product as this way, you are more likely to create something that they will purchase. Once we felt that we were at a reasonable stage with each of our products we asked for feedback on each.

Music Video

Once we had completed the rough cut for our video we showed it to our primary audience and got some feedback. 

There were a lot of changes that needed to be made:
  • The video felt too disjointed and had no real structure to it.
  • There was too much narrative and this narrative had no clear structure. 
  • The concept shots were too random and looked as though they had just been thrown in anywhere.
  • Our artist's identity was not clear at all.
I showed some members of our primary (and secondary) audience for their opinions on the music video, once the above changes had been made and it had been progressed to what was almost the finished product. The results are shown below.

This time the criticisms that people had were very minor ones. The main feedback we got was to:
  • Use a grey scale or sepia effect on narrative shots to highlight that they happened in the past and they're memories.
  • Be more consistent with editing between shots - slow fades in slower areas, quick cuts in the faster parts of the song.
  • Change the hair flick - remove the reverse effect.
Album Digipak

Shown above is the album cover before changes (left) and after changes (right). The main feedback after showing the first digipak was:
  • Create a stronger link between the front and the back.
Feedback following these changes:


Most people liked our website. They felt that the content was good, however it did look slightly unprofessional in places. For this reason, we made some changes to the 'contact' page. By adding a map to our offices, it created a more realistic looking website. These changes are shown below. Before (Left), after (right).

Audience Feedback - Final Artefacts

Once we had completed the artefact we got feedback on the finished products. This started with a questionnaire on Survey Monkey. This allowed us to get qualitative data as opposed to just quantitive data, making this feedback far more useful.

Music Video

6. What genre(s) of music do you feel the video is for?

The majority of people who took the survey correctly identified the genre of the video. Some even recognising that it was PBR&B specifically. Some guessed that the genre was indie. This may have been due to the slightly unconventional video that contained less glamorous sets than what is typical for R&B songs, as well as the presence of the, more artistic concept shots.

7. What is the video trying to convey?
Almost all of the people asked understood the message that was portrayed through the video. This may have been purely through the narrative, but also through the imagery and emotions that Roza showed. Some did not understand the message of the video. This may have been because the narrative shots were all very quick and they may have missed the end of the relationship at the end of the video.


We got some very positive responses. Audiences did feel that the video worked well with the song and looked professional (considering we did not have the resources or budget of a real institution). There were, however, some qualms with the conceptual shots of the video. Many people did not understand them and know why they were there. Perhaps, throughout the project, we did not consider enough, exactly how people would take these shots in, considering they are very open to interpretation.

We also interviewed a number of members of our primary audience to see what they thought about each of the individual artefacts, as well as they way in which they worked together:

Music Video

The feedback we got was:
  • The video was very visual and worked well with the song. The conceptual shots also enforced this.
  • The narrative could have been improved but was still understood.
  • Roza's character came across well. She was seen as unique, strong and independent.

Album Digipak

The feedback we got was:
  • The artist image and identity were shown well but some mystery was still left.
  • The album was, in most cases, eye catching, leading to further investigation.
  • It was well put together and looked professional.
  • The tracklist was a bit hard to read.
  • Some more mystery could be left, in order to leave fans more intrigued.


The feedback we got was:
  • The countdown on the landing page worked well and encouraged fans to buy the album.
  • It was very interactive.
  • The genre was established well.
  • The interactivity and specific features of the website make it look professional. However, there could be even more interactivity.
  • Again, there were issues with the font.
  • The style of the bio may have put off audiences since they may not have understood it.


The feedback we got was:
  • They worked well together due to the iconography, theme and colour scheme shown throughout.
  • There was a strong sense of synergy felt throughout.

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